We excel in all branches of the enabling process. All capabilities under one banner. Making your procurement decision easy.


Command of state-of-the-art machinery

Proactive engagement of engineering

Customizing ground for new builds

Graceful, intricate, clean, careful

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Cut and Carve

Structural modifications

Remote demolition

Builders works

Facade removal

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Strip Out

Over 1 million square feet to date

Anywhere and any size

Innovative logistics and careful planning

Snag free

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Asbestos Removal

Management or R&D surveys

Licensed works outsourced to partners

Non-licensed removals in house

Ground remediation

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Surveying and Appraisals

Project H&S appraisals

Document preparation for planning

Site clearance

Site establishment

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Labour Provision

To assist MCs during construction phase

More personal than an agency

All grades appropriately trained

Director's guarantee of quality

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