We combine a range of expertise to provide innovative means to successful work. We give our people the autonomy to grow unrestrained.

Meet the team.

The Team

Ed Clothier Founder

Ed is the founder of FDS and sets the growth strategy for the business. This involves targeting client accounts and the development of branding. He is responsible for the financial, corporate and legal functions of FDS. He also oversees the bid process and project delivery.

Email: Ed@firstdemolition.co.uk

Will Sarhangian Operations Director

Will takes primary responsibility for project origination and delivery. He initiates customer engagement, through to estimating and onto site. He sets the standards for performance and customer satisfaction and feeds it back into all corners of the business.

Email: Will@firstdemolition.co.uk

Greg Dubinsky Project Manager

Greg is responsible for FDS projects from set-up to handover. His proactive and cooperative approach across a variety of projects equip him with the tools to overcome any obstacle in delivery. He also provides estimating support and is our go-to technologist.

Email: Greg@firstdemolition.co.uk

Charlotte Summers Technical Surveyor, MEng

Previously a Structural Engineer, Charlotte is involved in the pre-demolition process. Her responsibilities include quantifying tender enquiries, attending site to establish VE options and engaging potential customers. During works she acts as a project surveyor and engineer.

Email: Charlotte@firstdemolition.co.uk

Simon Clothier Chairman

Simon takes a high-level view and leadership position within the business. He draws on a wealth of experience to ensure key performances are sustained. He also leads our regulatory compliance agenda by ensuring all insurances and financials are watertight.

Email: Simon@firstdemolition.co.uk

Rona Campbell Office Manager

Rona is responsible for the day-to-day management of the office as well as providing support to the Directors. She manages health and safety documentation and company policies as well as banking, invoice management and supplier liaison.

Email: Rona@firstdemolition.co.uk