Floor Tile Factory





Material Reuse


FDS were awarded the strip out subcontract package on this landlord dilapidations and Cat A refreshment to this 10 floor, 120,000 ft2 office building within London’s famous Square Mile.

The works consisted of removing all Cat B installations, including decorative bulkheads, feature ceilings, partitions, floor finishes and tenant installed M&E equipment. The landlord also required the removal of the now-obsolete raised floor system across the entire site. FDS sought to redistribute the majority of these tiles (some 23,000) to specialists who could refurbish them for installation elsewhere, dramatically reducing the tonnage that would have to be recycled in a waste treatment facility.

The final element of works was a full strip out of the reception area, complete with some structural modifications in the ground floor façade where large RC walls were cut back to suit the new entrance design.

FDS endeavoured to reduce our carbon footprint by offsetting all vehicle emissions and finding reuse for 70% of all material removed from site. The remaining 30% was recycled. FDS now offsets all vehicle emissions and is looking to further reduce our carbon footprint.