Sleepless in Mid City



Labour Force

12 operatives

Working Hours


Mid City Place

FDS were awarded the contract to strip out the Cat B space occupied by Westfield’s legal team at Oxford Property’s Mid City Place.

Due to the busy and high profile nature of the building, all works had to be completed out of hours. FDS worked nights over three weeks to remove very heavily fit-out offices. Key to the project’s success was regular liaison between FDS and ST management during normal working hours to draw up an action list for each evening. This would allow incumbent mechanical contractors to progressively decommission the space during the day, unobstructed by strip out plant and material.

As the high level installation was nearing completion, FDS returned to strip out carpet and raised access flooring. This was combined with the removal of paving slabs on the 270 degree roof terrace. This activity required careful planning due to a lack of edge protection. Harness trained operatives worked from a man-safe system in a careful sequence, removing heavy paviours without unnecessary risk or causing damage to roof insulation.

The project’s success has led to FDS being engaged on another floor of the building where works are due to commence imminently.