Re-use not recycle

Main Contractor

21 Construction




5 weeks

Stockley Park

This project involved the full strip out of 40k sqft of commercial space in the well-known corporate hub of Stockley Park, in outer West London.

FDS were ambitious in their approach, seeking to make full use of the open foot-print and generous access. To this end, the ground floor was stripped out using the most modern demolition machinery. Namely a 1.5T excavator which had been adapted to fit rotating attachments with both shears and selector grabs. All machinery was further fitted with diesel particulate filters which eliminated the emission of harmful fumes within an enclosed space. These techniques allowed for the smooth execution of heavy material removal without the need for works at height or significant manual handling.

Another good practice employed on this project was that of preferring re-use over recycling of demolition material. All carpet, raised access flooring and glazed panels were sent to specialist contractors across the country who could benefit their clients by using high-quality second-hand material. This amounted to 30% of the total waste generated on the project. FDS is proud to be exploring new avenues of sustainability and involving more and more parties operating in construction as part of the process.